What to do when everything takes care of itself?

Today I was wondering what to blog about…I have this huge list of things that I want to blog about, but each topic seems uninspiring or I am just not ready for it yet…along with my garden is at this point where we are keeping the weeds at bay and that’s pretty much all we are doing right now.

It is coming to the middle of summer and everything is on automatic water, and what isn’t is monitored daily, there is nothing to be pruned, and really about a week away from everything needing to be picked.


Here is a picture to represent all of my unripened fruit

So this week we I mean I am going to learn how to make jam…we have apricots about to fall off all of our trees and the plums are shortly behind them…so I think it is about time I learn how to make some jam, and maybe fruit leathers and also drying fruit.

See when you sit down and think about it there is actually quite a bit to do when you aren’t doing anything.

This whole gardening thing is a learning process.

And this year I feel like I am learning a lot.

Meaning I am learning a lot of what to do with everything I am growing…because let’s face it. When everything is on automatic water, there really isn’t that much to do…especially if you (Cross your fingers) haven’t been hit by any major pests.

Make sure to check in next week when we hopefully have made jam!


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