A little change…Update

So recently I have been analyzing what I would want to share on this blog. There are a million blogs on gardening, on tips on gardening that are found all throughout the internet and Pinterest.  So instead I have decided that I am going to share our personal journey.

Our journey will be part gardening, part growing cut flowers, part farming. And you know, whatever comes up in our farming life.

One amazing thing that I have found is how much I love growing flowers to cut and arrange and put into my home. I go out with my daughter and we pick the flowers that we want to use together. It has been an awesome bonding experience and I am hoping to expand more into that realm of growing.

I am loving having giant sunflowers in my yard and have also learned that once they reach that 8-10 foot range that I should have staked them with a sturdy pole. We had a rare monsoon come through this last week and I came home to find most of my sunflower stocks lying on the ground. luckily they were all still rooted into the ground and I was able to stand them up and anchor them to the fence.

We are also harvesting tomatoes, more than a family of 6 can actually use but we are loving not having to buy tomatoes, especially in this house where we typically would go through a $6 container in like 3 days, or even sometimes one meal.


Soon we will be harvesting a mountain’s worth of winter squash…I had no idea what my father in law planted but we figured out that it was all butternut squash….so if anyone has any idea what to do with that much squash send your ideas my way. So far I know I am making soup and butternut pasta sauce…I might even try pressure cooking “Canning” (really jarring, but I think it is all called the same thing).

I really hope that you love following our journey, I hope that you can see that I look and follow all of those ideas online, and also take from what I learned through school. Right now we are planning our fall garden which I will be posting about this next week. It is time to get started on our fall garden as the summer heat is rising, which will allow our fall crops to get a good start in their root systems before the cold settles in, although, this is California, so the cold really won’t settle in until about January.


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