Garden Update

We are now transitioning into fall gardening!!!! yay! (the only downside for fall gardening is that is blazing hot outside when you have to do everything) BOOOO.

All the corn has been pulled new beds have been built, compost pile has begun, I mean you just can’t throw away all those perfect greens, instead, it is turning into next springs soil. So cool how nature works.

We cured the butternut squash, well actually only like 5 of the 100 that has been growing. today, after the temperatures cool I will be harvesting the rest of the crop and adding those vines to the compost as well.

The butternut squash was surprisingly delicious as pasta sauce and I plan to make a million more dishes containing butternut squash throughout the next 6 months or so.

The next recipe will be ravioli stuffed with butternut squash…it will also be a first attempt at making pasta. Let’s hope that goes well.

We also have planted a hill below the upper horse stalls. This we actually did about a month ago, but I have been afraid to say much because I have not had the greatest luck with all of my seeds this year. about 90% has not come up, although conditions have remained good for them too, what has come up is very exciting to me. We have about 10 plants of amaranthus! Among those is also more sunflowers (after this summer I should just be called sunflower lady because that seems like that is all that I grow) Zinnia and sweet alyssum. there is one plant that I am unsure of what it is. My mother in law thinks it’s a weed and wants to pull it, but I planted some wild flowers there and so it has the possibility of being that? Let’s hope. we made a deal that we would wait until it is flowering and that if the flower is not pretty that I would pull it before it went to seed.

There was a lot more planted there, like echeveria, Shasta daisies, poppies, normal and Oriental, and a bunch more from wildflower mixes. Hopefully, eventually other things will pop up, but I am doubtful, especially since our Gardener Thomas weeded part of the area when things were just barely coming up. Oh well, Trial and error.

This week we will be planting a lot of lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower etc. I already planted onions, carrots peas and beans (these are all where the corn was) I chose these crops as the rotation, mostly for the beans to help fix the nitrogen back into the soil after the corn crop has used much of it.

So wish us luck, there is a lot to do, luckily we have until the end of September to give us the right timing. Share with us on social media what you are doing to prepare for your fall garden.


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